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How to Use Saletto® Video Overview

This informative video guides you through the easy and intuitive process of collecting saliva samples using the Saletto® Saliva Collection Device for infectious disease testing. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a lay user, this video provides a clear step-by-step demonstration, making saliva-based sample collection more accessible and efficient. See how Saletto eliminates common preparation […]

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Saletto® Saliva Collection Device for Infectious Disease Testing: How it Works

Take a quick look at how Saletto® works. It enables painless and safe diagnostic testing by cleanly and securely collecting saliva samples while simultaneously removing impurities, saving you both time and resources in the laboratory.

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Non-Invasive Sample Collection: Introducing Saletto®

The Saletto® Saliva Collection Device offers an enhanced solution for the collection of oral fluid samples. This innovative tool streamlines the sample collection process, eliminates the need for spitting or drooling, and can be conveniently utilized in various settings, whether in the comfort of one’s home or within a clinical environment.

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