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Saletto® Saliva Collection Device​

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Addressing Gaps in Saliva Collection

​Saletto® represents innovation in saliva collection. In the diagnostics field, efficiency, precision, and inclusivity are paramount. Saletto® takes the lead by addressing challenges related to saliva viscosity, patient comfort, and laboratory procedures. By simplifying sample collection and removing the need for extensive preparations, Saletto® guarantees reliability with ready-to-use samples. Join us as we explore how Saletto® transforms saliva collection, redefines industry standards, and enhances healthcare outcomes.​

Collection Challenges​

Saletto® addresses issues with traditional saliva collection methods, benefiting those who struggle with spitting or saliva control. This includes young children with underdeveloped oral-motor function, individuals with motor disabilities, intellectual challenges, or neurological conditions, and older adults with dry mouth due to medications or chronic disorders. Traditional methods often result in variable and viscous saliva, which can interfere with test accuracy and require time-consuming preparation steps such as freeze-thaw cycles and enzymatic treatments. Saletto® aims to provide a more reliable and efficient solution.

Saletto Transforms Saliva Collection for Unmatched Comfort, Efficiency, and Precision

Redefining the Patient Experience

Saletto ensures equitable sample collection.

  • Enhanced Comfort: The collection sponge is soft and biocompatible, ensuring user comfort.​
  • Swift Absorption: The highly absorptive sponge matrix enables quick and effective collection.​
  • Ease of Use: Users effortlessly saturate the sponge within 1-3 minutes by pushing saliva into it.​
  • Boosted Confidence: A blue indicator signals sponge saturation.​

Reducing and Standardizing Saliva Viscosity

Saletto is the first saliva collection device to include filtration, reducing and standardizing saliva viscosity during collection.​

  • In our studies, Saletto demonstrated remarkable outcomes. High viscosity donors’ passive drool saliva samples averaged 7.70 cP, while Saletto-filtered samples averaged only 1.29 cP, reducing viscosity by 83% and minimizing variation by 97%.​

Viscosity White Paper

Streamlining Testing Workflows

Saletto’s ability to both decrease and standardize viscosity across diverse donors empowers laboratories to streamline workflows. Saletto eliminates the need for time-consuming preparation steps.​

  • Saletto ensures precise sample transfer, resulting in accurate results.
  • Saletto provides high-quality samples, negating the need for costly re-collections.​

Download White Paper:
Reduction and Standardization of Saliva Viscosity with Saletto

Watch the Video – Reshaping the Sample Collection Journey

For true non-invasive sample collection, trust the newest oral fluid collection device, Saletto, as it transforms the way we think about saliva collection to make it more accessible and available for labs and patients everywhere.

The Porex Life Sciences Institute provides a range of saliva collection solutions designed for various applications, including Genetic Testing, and Infectious Diseases. Additionally, we are committed to tailoring customized saliva collection products to meet specific needs and requirements of our customers across diverse applications.

Saletto is the Smarter Choice for Enhanced Saliva Collection

See below for a comparison between typical sample collection techniques for both blood and saliva. The Saletto Saliva Collection Device is the clear winner in all key sample collection characteristics due to its benefits for both the lab and the patient.

CharacteristicsBloodSpit TubeBuccal SwabSaletto
Shipping at room temperature
Comfortable user experience
Accessible self-collection
Precise collection with sample sufficiency indicator
Clean & Standardized sample with reduced viscosityN/A
Sample Volume1-10 mL1-2 mL< 1 mL0.5-1 mL

Broad Range of Saletto Devices Configured for Specific Applications

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Infectious Diseases​

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Additional Applications, Customizations, and Services​

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Saletto® is currently being offered for Research Use Only while we are validating the performance for use in multiple diagnostic areas.