The Porex Life Sciences Institute believes that accessible, painless, and safe diagnostic testing must start from a high-quality sample. The Saletto™ Saliva Collection Device is furthering saliva-based diagnostics by cleanly and securely collecting a sample while simultaneously removing impurities, saving valuable time and resources – and getting you a quicker result. Saletto’s intentional design focuses on resolving saliva sample variability, providing superior sample purity, and reducing complexity in laboratory workflow and analysis.

Looking for safer, easier, and more reliable sample collection?

Salivary diagnostics are proven to be the ideal solution for frequent testing or screening. The Saletto™ saliva collection device offers a painless, non-invasive method so that more patients are likely to get tested and receive better, more conclusive results.

The Saletto™ saliva collection device

Saletto device is simple and easy to use. The integrated sample collection device includes the following components:

  • A Saliva Collection Pad attached to a handle with a sample sufficiency indicator and storage Tube
  • Cap to protect the Saliva Collection Pad
  • Small cap to protect the storage Tube once the sample is collected

Our proprietary Saliva Collection Pad manufacturing process creates a filtration matrix that can remove large particulates, mucins and impurities, which decreases valuable time and resources needed for sample preparation prior to testing. Not only is the Saliva Collection Pad soft and comfortable for the user, its highly absorptive nature can be customized to absorb a specific volume of oral fluid.

A – The soft and comfortable saliva collection swab also functions as a pre-filter to remove debris and can be customized to absorb a specific volume of oral fluid.

B – Color-change indication technology removes the guesswork by alerting the user that collection is complete

C – Ergonomically designed cap compresses oral fluid collection swab and forces the sample into the collection tube

D – Dual component filtration allows for custom filtration efficiency to:

  • Eliminate debris
  • Achieve saliva purity >99.9%
  • Eliminate need for centrifugation
  • Enable rapid diagnostic testing

E – Removable collection tube can either seal saliva for transportation or dispensed onto a diagnostic cartridge with a dropper tip

Enable safe collection by containing oral fluid and eliminating exposed sample transfer

Facilitate home use by eliminating potential errors during collection 

Enhanced Sensitivity by removing unwanted contaminants

Reduce complexity in laboratory workflow 

How Saletto works

The collection process is very simple. After opening the package, collect saliva until the sample sufficiency indicator appears near the top of the handle. Color change indication technology alerts the user that enough volume of sample has been collected. Next, replace the cap on top of the device and press down until the cap fully compresses the collection pad and forces the saliva into the tube at the bottom of the device. Finally, the separate small cap can be screwed onto the tube to seal the sample inside for transportation to a lab for testing. If using a rapid diagnostic test, attach the dropper tip directly to the tube.

Watch the short video below to see the Saletto Saliva and Oral Fluid Collection Device in action

Saletto Saliva and Oral Fluid Collection Device – Overview

Saletto™ Oral Fluid Collection Device is currently being offered for research purposes only while we are validating the performance for use in multiple diagnostic areas.