Expanding Access to Genetic Testing with Superior Saliva Collection


Saletto® DNA

Tailored for Genetic Testing Applications

Tailored for genetic testing applications, Saletto DNA meets the unmet demands of a growing market. As genetic panels expand to encompass advanced applications like NGS, ensuring optimal sample quality is crucial. Especially in automated systems, where high viscosity could disrupt processes, our device addresses these challenges. In addition, with the rise of personalized medicine, user empowerment is key. Saletto DNA offers a confident and comfortable solution for users to take control of their health information and decisions.​

According to conducted studies, Saletto® DNA exhibits a high median DNA concentration of 60 ng/μl.​

Enhancing Accessibility and Patient Compliance​

Saletto® prioritizes user experience and inclusivity.

  • Designed for all ages and abilities, enabling independent or caregiver-assisted collection.​
  • Alleviates test hesitancy caused by needle fear or discomfort by incorporating a soft collection sponge for user comfort.​
  • The non-invasive, comfortable nature of Saletto promotes higher testing compliance (92% for home saliva tests vs. 60% for clinic nasal swabs).​

Streamlines Genetic Testing Workflows​

Saletto seamlessly integrates into and simplifies genetic testing workflows to save valuable resources, time, and cost, providing quicker results.

  • Reduces sample preparation steps, providing high-quality saliva samples with significantly reduced viscosity (83% reduction), minimized variation (97% reduction), and unwanted particles. In high viscosity donors, passive drool saliva samples exhibited an average viscosity of 7.70 cP, while Saletto®-filtered samples averaged only 1.29 cP. See​ White Paper
  • Collection Tube seamlessly integrates with automated extraction and analysis platforms, reducing sample handling errors with built-in sample identification barcodes and compatible cap for automated de-capping processes.

Allows for Confident Collection​

The users can trust the product and the labs can trust the process.​​

  • For the user: Built-in sample sufficiency Indicator turns blue to signal saturation of the collection Sponge and completion of collection. ​
  • For the lab or diagnostic firm: Proven efficacy for downstream genetic testing techniques.​
  • Saletto® DNA is compatible with downstream genetic testing techniques, such as next-gen sequencing, ensuring high coverage and depth. All samples tested exceed 97% target region coverage at 20x depth, supporting accurate variant calling. SNP and variant concordance exceeds 98% and 95%, respectively, between Saletto® and other collection methods. See Application Brief

Explore Saletto DNA

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  • Highly absorptive matrix for easy collection
  • Comfortable and safe biocompatible Sponge
  • Sophisticated collection that avoids messy collection
  • Integrated filtration to eliminate impurities and reduce viscosity (up to 83%)




  • Smart Design with Sample Sufficiency Indicator to collect with confidence & precision
  • Turns blue within 1-3 mins to signal saturation

Gel Buffer

  • Gel buffer provides superior saliva sample (median DNA concentration: 23 ng/ul; Median A260/280 of 1.7)
  • Sample stability prolonged (up to 1 month)
  • For Ideal Transport at Ambient Temperatures

Collection Tube

  • Removable Collection Tube can seal saliva for transportation
  • Barcode on Collection Tube for sample tracking

Push Cap

Ergonomically designed Push Cap compresses oral fluid collection Sponge and forces the sample into the collection tube



  • Cap compatible with automated de-capping processes

Pharmacogenetic Analysis of Saliva-Derived DNA
from Saletto DNA Device

Easy 3-Step Process

Step 1: Collect

The intelligent design makes it simple to collect, prepare and transfer saliva. The user moves Saliva into the Sponge in their mouth until the Sample Sufficiency Indicator alerts them that the sponge is fully saturated​.

Step 2: Compress

Once collection is complete, the Push Cap is used to compress the sponge till the saliva reaches the Fill Line. Clean saliva is safely transferred into the Collection Tube which contains the DNA preservative​.

Step 3: Cap and Shake

The Handle is then ready to be discarded and the Collection Tube capped and shaken to mix the contents.

Absorbent Sponge for Mess-free Collection​

Saletto DNA represents a significant advancement in genetic testing. Designed to simplify the process of saliva sample collection and provide comfort to the user, it features a highly absorbent sponge for quick and mess-free collection. ​

Integrated Filtration Technology for Easier Handling

Integrated filtration technology removes impurities and reduces sample viscosity, making handling easier. A sample sufficiency indicator ensures precise collection, while ambient temperature transport and one-month sample stability with a bacteriostatic solution add to its practicality. Explore how Saletto DNA is transforming the landscape of genetic analysis for laboratories, researchers, and healthcare professionals.

Product Specifications

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  • Highly absorptive sponge for quick, mess-free collection
  • Integrated filtration eliminates impurities and reduces viscosity
  • Sample Sufficiency Indicator ensures saturation
  • Ambient temperature transport and 1-month stability; Bacteriostatic solution
  • Median DNA concentration: 23 ng/ul, Median A260/280: 1.7
  • Barcode tracking, standardized tube format
  • Compact format for easy mailing
  • Ancestry
  • Wellness 
  • Disease Risk

Characteristics Blood Spit Tube Buccal Swab Saletto DNA
Shipping at room temperature
Comfortable user experience
Accessible self-collection
Precise collection with sample sufficiency indicator
Clean & Standardized sample with reduced viscosity N/A
Sample Volume 1-10 mL 1-2 mL < 1 mL 1 mL

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.Saletto® DNA is currently being offered for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.