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​Have you ever wondered what you can learn about yourself from your Saliva? Are you already an expert in Saliva Diagnostics? Or are you just interested in cool science? Every month Spit it Out will bring you engaging discussions with thought leaders from academia and industry. Through these dialogues, you’ll find out everything from what’s in your saliva to why it’s a good indicator of your overall health. Join us on our mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive as we raise awareness around what saliva can tell us, why it’s important for the future of healthcare, and what some really awesome people are doing about it today!

Host Bio

Avi Robbins currently serves as the President of the Porex Life Sciences Institute and AG Industries within the Filtration Group. His tenure at Porex Corporation began in 2010. Mr. Robbins brings a wealth of technical and commercial experience spanning diverse materials and manufacturing technologies, as well as global markets. Prior to his role at Porex, he held various positions at Facet Technologies, a prominent Atlanta-based Medical Device Design and Manufacturing company specializing in the field of diabetes. His responsibilities included R&D Management, Operations Engineering Management, and Program Management. Mr. Robbins is a distinguished alumnus of the Georgia Institute of Technology, having earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, he holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Emory University, further enhancing his extensive qualifications and capabilities.

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E1: The Case for Saliva as a Sample with Anne Wyllie of SalivaDirect

We welcomed Dr. Anne Wyllie from the Yale School of Public Health and founder of the SalivaDirect initiative. In this conversation we uncovered the benefits and challenges of using saliva as a sample type, how Anne came across saliva in her research, and how a partnership with the NBA led her to go all-in on the SalivaDirect open source COVID testing protocol that she helped create. 

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E2: Explore Scientific Wellness with Nathan Price of Thorne HealthTecht

​On this episode, Avi Robbins speaks with Nathan Price, CSO of Thorne HealthTech about the paradigm shift needed in healthcare towards well-care, some actionable steps we can all take to participate, and of course, how saliva can play a role. 

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E3: The Science Behind Saliva with Dr. David Wong of UCLA

​Dr. Wong, a renowned Dentist and Researcher at UCLA talks to us about the science behind Saliva as a diagnostic sample type and what’s in store for the future. 

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E4: Sports and Society – Data Driven Wellness with Robby Sikka​

​We speak to Dr. Robby Sikka, founder of the COVID Sports and Society Workgroup, applying learnings from sports health management to our own individual and community wellness goals and how we can personalize health data generation and monitoring. 

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E5: The Future of Diagnostics with Maikel Boot of PreScouter​​

​Hear Dr. Boot’s story on how he became involved with Saliva Diagnostics and what brought him to the forefront of science and innovation in health care.. Learn how he navigated COVID and helped setup employee testing and used this experience to drive the expansion of saliva testing into other areas. 

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E6: Supporting Her Community with Saliva based Testing with Sarah Nickel of Wichita State University​​

​Sarah Nickel responded to the COVID pandemic to support the local manufacturing community by leading the startup of a molecular diagnostics lab at the Wichita State University. She leveraged this experience to know spearhead the creation of a molecular biology laboratory to further her mission of teaching students while supporting her local community. 

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S1E7: Immunoassays and Saliva: An Industry Perspective with Tecan / IBL​

​We hear from Kat Holloway and Dajana Domik of Tecan / IBL a leading manufacturer of liquid handling equipment and immunoassays. On this episode we discuss the benefits of saliva and why it’s moving from a scientific sample type for research to a clinical sample used in mainstream testing. We cover testing from an Endocrinology focus on hormones and where IBL is focusing in this space. 

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E8: Innovation in Bioengineering and Advancing Healthcare in Low-Resource Communities with Dr. Delphine Dean of Clemson University

​In this podcast episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Delphine Dean who is currently the Ron and Jane Lindsay Family Innovation Professor and Chair of Bioengineering at Clemson University. Dr. Dean shares her experiences and insights into her work in low-resource settings, including her collaborations with Tanzania and India to design accessible healthcare solutions. She also discusses her experience in setting up and running the COVID-19 testing lab at Clemson, and saliva diagnostics, highlighting the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to tackle problems in healthcare. 

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E9: Empowering Health Equity Through Innovation and Culturally Informed Field Work

​In this episode of the Spit It Out Podcast, Rylie Tiffin, the Regional Testing Coordinator at Santiam Hospital, discusses her role in the Oregon Health Authority’s grant to improve COVID testing accessibility for vulnerable populations. She discusses initiatives such as bringing wraparound services into laboratory testing and adjusting laboratory information system processes to fit the needs of the most vulnerable community members. She shares insights into the barriers faced during testing and the adoption of saliva as a sample type to meet community needs. Rylie presents innovative solutions, such as a vending machine approach, and the use of Labdash for efficient and accessible testing.​

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