Additional Applications, Customizations, and Services​


Decentralized Clinical Trials

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) prioritize patient-centricity by enabling research participation from the comfort of patients’ homes. Saletto’s saliva collection device complements this approach by offering an easy-to-use, non-invasive method for collecting essential data. It enhances patient compliance and engagement, making DCTs more efficient and data collection more reliable, ultimately contributing to the success of patient-centered research.​​​

Drugs of Abuse​​

Saletto offers a minimally-invasive, gender-neutral, and location-flexible collection process, which eliminates concerns related to specimen tampering. Saliva collection provides better detection of recent drug use, particularly active delta 9 THC, and offers a hassle-free solution where collectors can simply observe and manage the process, thus eliminating the ‘icky’ factor associated with urine collection. Compared to urine collection, saliva has higher verified positivity rates, making it a more reliable, convenient, and effective choice of biospecimen for drugs of abuse testing.

Tailored Product Customization and Efficient Order Fulfillment Solutions​

At Porex Life Sciences Institute, we specialize in providing comprehensive services to support the seamless execution of large-scale projects. Our product customization and order fulfillment services offer the flexibility and expertise you need to concentrate on the core aspects of your project and speed up your time to market.

Our Service Offerings Include:​

  • Customized Operational Solutions: We collaborate with you to define and meet your specific operational and compliance requirements for sample management and traceability.​

  • Tailored Sample Collection Solutions: Our experts craft complete sample collection solutions tailored to your unique project needs.​

  • Personalized Branding and Packaging: We provide custom packaging options that reflect your mission and present the image you desire.​

We value your input regarding the specific applications that interest you, as it enables us to tailor our
sample collection solutions to meet your unique needs.