Saliva Diagnostics:
Comfort, Efficiency and Cost Savings


A Paradigm Shift in Convenience and Compliance

Benefits of Saliva over Blood

Simplicity: Painless and Efficient Sample Collection

Step into a world where sample collection is painless, simple, and efficient. This world revolves around the unique qualities of saliva – a remarkable fluid that is proving to be a game-changer in the realm of Life Sciences.​

User Compliance: Saliva vs. Blood​

In comparison to traditional blood collection, saliva has a significantly higher compliance rate of 90%, while fear of needles reduces blood collection compliance to just 30%. This fear affects up to 25% of adults and leads to 16% of adults in the US skipping vital vaccinations and blood tests, potentially impacting the health of around 41 million adults in the U.S.​​

Collection Flexibility: No Training Required​

Saliva not only offers easy collection but also practical advantages that are transforming the field of diagnostics. It goes beyond just reducing needle-related anxiety and discomfort. Saliva collection is a straightforward, non-invasive process, eliminating the requirement for specialized professionals during collection.​

Sample Stability: Cutting Costs and Streamlining Diagnostics​​

Saliva is stable at room temperature for extended periods, providing a significant advantage over blood collection. Unlike blood samples that require freezing, saliva’s stability simplifies diagnostics and logistical challenges linked to sample storage and transportation, reducing costs and improving healthcare delivery.

Porous Laboratory Components

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The Saletto Saliva Collection Device is the Future of Sample Collection 

At the forefront of this paradigm shift stands the Saletto® Saliva Collection Device—an innovation poised to revolutionize sample collection. The Saletto Saliva Collection Device enhances accessibility, delivering high-quality samples that are less viscous and standardized, ensuring optimal homogeneity for accurate downstream testing, In addition, Saletto seamlessly integrates into testing workflows with its customizable collection tube design. Saletto ensures user satisfaction while effectively minimizing time, resources, and costs for laboratories and life science firms engaged in saliva diagnostics.

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Broad Range of Saletto Devices Configured for Specific Applications

Genetic Testing

Explore sample collection solutions for Genetic Testing & Genomics

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Infectious Diseases​

Explore sample collection solutions for Infectious Disease Testing

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Additional Applications, Customizations, and Services​

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